Why should the couples have all the fun? Galentine's Day was created as a day for women to celebrate their friendships with those who mean the most to them. Let us help you do that with a one-of-a-kind experience that gets you laughing, crying, and having all the feels. And...even better...we will capture the moment for you, allowing you to be in the moment and not worried about the photos. 

This is the "girl power" era (go Barbie!). Let's celebrate our friendships and show the world how to be kinder, gentler, and fierce af!

Celebrate it spending time with your besties, empowering one another, taking photos, and engaging in a special "Galentine's Day" activity.

it's Galentine's!

As women, we can get in our heads about our bodies. We can be hyper-critical of ourselves and that voice in our heads can be downright mean! We live with the ultimate "mean girl" 24/7, 365.

As a photographer who works with high school seniors, I see first-hand hour nerve-wracking being in photos can be - it's a very brave thing to put yourself in front of the camera! EVERYONE feels self-conscious when a camera is pointing at them - no matter the body type! 

At Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography, we are skilled in coaching you to relax for photos, and we know your best angles & poses to help you feel beautiful and empowered. 

We want to take that up a notch by inviting your girl squad along for the journey - because there is no better "hype squad" than your bffs!

Our Galentine's Day experience gives women an opportunity to have time together with their friends, documented through photos, and also to give each individual woman a platform to learn to love her body no matter her size, with the encouragement of her friends behind her. It also gives each woman the opportunity to appreciate one another and celebrate their unique friendships.

 If you've ever had the feeling that you're not enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not ______ ( fill in the blank) enough, or just not comfortable in front of the camera, these sessions are for YOU! It's 2024. Let's make the BOLD choice to love our bodies and ourselves by stepping in front of the camera with our own personal cheering section beside us every step of the way!

our superpower...

90 minute experience with up to 4 of your friends (for a total of 5 people)

WHAt's included?

new for 2024!


Posing guidance - learn how to look your best in photos every time!

5 social media sized digital images per person (images selected do NOT have to be the same for each person) with an online proofing gallery to make your selections

Plus...priceless time spent with the important women in your life celebrating your friendship and all that it means to you

sounds great! let's do it!

COST: $750 ($150 per person)

*plus applicable tax. 

The fine print (because there's always fine print): Sets may not match images shown. Social media sized digital images are for sharing on social media only - they are NOT downloadable or printable. The opportunity to purchase printable digital images, prints and/or products will be made available when your online gallery is released.

More than five in your group? See our FAQs below!

Sunday, february 4th, 2024(must book by 2/1/24)



our monroeville, pa studio


Individual & Group Photos in front of one of our Galentine's Day sets (come photo ready or purchase from the Pop Up Shop

The opportunity to browse & buy from our "Galentine's Pop Up Shop" 

A special "Galentine's Day" activity (see details below)

A Galentine's Day Gift Bag filled with gifts/discounts from local businesses

Before your photo session, you get the chance to shop our pop-up Galentine's boutique. Then you will take a seat at the table(s) provided. At every place setting, each of you will be given 2 Galentine's Day Cards (along with a beverage and snacks while you engage in your next activity)!

You will draw the name of one of the friends present, and write an uplifting note on the back of one of your cards for that friend. (We'll have prompts to help with the writing process!) 

The second card is to write a note to yourself. If you struggle with quieting your inner "mean girl", we encourage you to think of your best friend saying the same thing about themselves. If you wouldn't let them (or anyone else) say that to your friend, why are you allowing those things to be said to you? Learn to be kinder to yourself, and treat yourself like you treat your friends. This is where the idea of writing a note to yourself comes from.

Once everyone is done writing, notes will be exchanged! You may share them with one another, or keep the sentiment to yourself - your choice!

the activity...


My favorite part about working with Stacey was how comfortable she made me feel during the entire shoot! She’d encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and just have a good time with it all!

Stacey encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone...


My session with Stacey was unforgettably wonderful! Stacey is the most positive & empowering woman I have met! I cannot recommend her professionalism & dedication enough - my pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined!

"Stacey is the most positive & empowering woman I have met!

the reviews

and get a set of 5 mini snapshot prints per person! (retail value $125)

i gotta have this! sign me up!

book by 1/24/24...

trade with friends or keep for yourself!

Have your selected images printed on this set of 5 prints. To normalize & encourage telling your friends what they mean to you throughout the year (and not just on Galentine's Day), they come uncoated so that they can be written on and exchanged with friends or hung on a string light display in your bedroom!

- Get your hair & makeup done before your session (if you need a recommendation, check out JL Makeup Studio!)

- Get your friends together and book a limo or another sweet ride! (We can even get some pics with it if you want!)

-  Bring props! Heart sunnies, matching sweatshirts/tees, anything with hearts, etc. (Pro tip: Check out Etsy!)

-  Book dinner at a nice restaurant afterwards to talk about the experience & get some more quality time together!

Ways to enhance your experience...

want "a little extra"?
here are some ideas on ways to super-charge your experience!

I'm a quirky, coffee-obsessed gal who never grew up. I am TERRIFIED of bees, always forget to take my lens cap off at the start of a shoot (rolls eyes) and secretly think I should be on SNL or American Idol. 

The fastest way to my heart is through food (bonus points for strong coffee & buffalo chicken dip...just not together!). I live life on my own terms, walk my own path, and am fiercely loyal & extremely protective of the people I love.

I’m Stacey.
High school senior photographer | Teen confidence coach 


Ready for an epic Galentine's?
Yes? Yeah? Hell yeah!

YAY! let's get this party started!

limited spots available

reserve your time slot

1. How long until we get the photos?


sounds great! let's do it!

You will get access to a personal online gallery within 1 week of your session. You can select & download your 5 included images through that gallery to share on social media. 

2. WHAT IF I HAVE MORE THAN 4 FRIENDS?can i add more people?

Yes! It's $150 per each additional person. Simply reach out to me after booking your initial time slot and I will send you an invoice for the additional person(s). Payment is due on receipt of the invoice.

3. can this be a group of relatives or a mom and her daughters?

Absolutely! Anyone you want to celebrate with is welcome to participate as part of your group.

4. is this for women only?

No! All genders are welcome!

5. what is the age range?

12 and up, please!

contact us

We are always happy to talk live, so feel free to text, DM, email or call us. We'd love to hear from you!

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phone/text: 724.875.4667

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